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Interior Design

Azin Interior Design is a professional interior design company located in Guelph, Ontario. We specialize in residential projects, including kitchen and bath design, custom furniture pieces, and decorations. Our team has been designing homes for over 20 years. We are proud to be a family-owned business that will offer you the attention, care, and personalized service you deserve when building your home from the ground up or remodeling an existing space.

Mehrnoosh Bioukzadeh - Azin interior design CEO

Mehrnoosh Bioukzadeh

interior designer // owner

Mehrnoosh Bioukzadeh

Designing beautiful spaces is my passion. I love interior decorating and have been working in the industry for years. My love for interior decorating has developed over the years by renovating my homes in Canada and abroad. Being married to a real estate agent has always given me endless opportunities to work on my favourite passion.

It has always been my favourite to make each project perfect for every client- after all, their home should reflect their personality! However, I enjoy working closely with clients to create a functional and beautiful environment. And I firmly believe that a successful design isn’t just about making something look nice- it should be simple, classy, and reflect the client’s personality perfectly.


Form concept to function

We take great pride in our work, and it shows in every FUNCTIONAL HOME we create. We start with a CONCEPT and follow through with the FUNCTION that makes your home beautiful and practical. Our attention to detail ensures that your home will be stylish and comfortable for years to come. So contact us today to get started on your dream home!